The DS9 Crowd - [1/2] (part 2)

reblogging myself because i watched the it crowd last weekend and suddenly remembered i did this 

good times


Happy Captain Picard Day everyone!


for southerndrawlinmypants

Starfleet Medical Code of Ethics: Well the Code is More What You’d Call Guidelines Than Actual Rules  by Dr. Julian S. Bashir


The new Godzilla was a lot different than I thought it would be. 

i spend far too much of my limited tumblr time violently scrolling past untagged rape/abuse/misogyny posts




A wee message - Susie Wolff

looks like susie enjoys sniff petrol too :D

Romain drives Alain Prost’s car, is unable to contain feels

also there is accordion music

reading the tom hiddleston tag right now makes me so happy tumblr did not exist when I was 14 and realized keanu reeves would never love me

On the next “Thorested Development” (x)

tobias fünke reenacts my life

(via thebluths)